Welcome to 2021

2021 is a top down shooter game. 

W-A-S-D -> move

Mouse -> Aim

E/Shift -> Get in of horse/Get out of horse

Left Mouse -> Attack

1-2-3 -> Axe-Pickaxe-Sword

Challenge: Creation of Human-like AI

How To Play:
When game starts, there is 2 parts.
First part: Preparation:

-You should collect resources (mines, wood, apple) around (mines with pickaxe, wood with axe, fight with sword) and sell them to improve your sword.

Second part: Fight:

Wall in the middle breaks and the fight starts. You should fight with AI bot to win.


-I made market prices low, resources high and difficulty of the ai easy so everyone can play and see the end easily.

-I worked solo on this project.


Soldier -> SpriteAttack

Tiles -> Kenney

Some props -> 9KeyStudio

SFX -> remaxim, Listener


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2021.exe 35 MB
2021.x86_64 40 MB

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